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The frustration of New Order playing live

Yesterday I was watching BBC at home. Even though I live in Brussels, our TV provider Belgacom, provides BBC1 and BBC2 in their most basic package. This is probably a reflection of the big number of foreigners that live in … Continue reading

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The 1000th visit!

Well, this is a small post just to celebrate the landmark of the 1000th visit. I am very happy with the number of visitors! In the end, this blog is basically just for my own fun and pleasure of writing. … Continue reading

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The food review – The Gun @ Canary Wharf

Aha, I need to tell you all about the day I ate Calves Brain! Some months ago I spent a couple of days in London with my friend Daniel Edmundson. Daniel is a very cool graphic designer and has a … Continue reading

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The work limbo

Mad Men is the second best series ever (Sopranos will never be beaten). The story takes place in an ad agency in the 1960ยดs. It is sexist, politically incorrect and cruel. I love it. Spoilers coming up! Last episode Peggy … Continue reading

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The holidays of May

May is a great month. There were so many holidays! ๐Ÿ™‚ As Belgium is a catholic country, all the holy days are respected. Adding to that, I work in a public institution, meaning that bridges are common. Counting with a … Continue reading

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The world did not end

Good, the world did not end on the 27th of May. Meaning I have to carry on doing my stupid work for many more years to come ๐Ÿ˜›

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The importance of avoiding rue des Bouchers

A lot of people will say Brussels is a extremely boring place where there isn’t a lot to do. A good number of those complainers, though, will agree that it is a place where you can eat well. I agree … Continue reading

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