Stupid Law of the Week!


The first day of a blog is fun. You just want to write and share things. I still feel that this will die soon, but work is quiet and I am feeling enthusiastic!

I think that this blog will need some sections to be updated as most as possible. So I have decided to have a section called the Stupid Law of the Week.

We live in a very sad world where everything is set by rules, regulations, procedures and laws. I do understand that it is important to have some control of society, otherwise we would be killing and eating each other. I strongly believe that the human being is evil and it is society that controls us. But some laws are just plain stupid and almost unbelievable. Maybe this section could turn out to be stupid law of the day!

My first stupid law is related to Munich. I have visited this lovely city the past week. People are nice, food is great and there are a lot of green areas. There is a big possibility, in fact huge possibility, that I will be moving there next year with my partner.

In Munich people cannot dance on Good Friday! At first I thought it would be something that only Catholic people would follow, but no! When the clock strikes midnight all the music stops and people have to stop dancing. The exact name of this law is Tanzverbot. My research also showed me that not only clubs or public places have to follow such law, but if people are having a house party there might be the risk of having a Polizei visit that could lead to fines. According to the wikipedia article this ban has always existed, but it has only been enforced since the start of the Second World War and it was never removed.

During this day public places cannot have live music, play lively tunes or incite people to dance. Furthermore, people also cannot mown their lawn, do house parties or any other activity that will generate disturbance. It is a day where you have to stay quiet in your dark room thinking about life and the hundreds of litres of beer you drank in the last Oktoberfest. Exciting isn´t it?

Finally, it seems there is a church tax in Munich… but this stupid law will be approached in another week 🙂

At least these accidents would be avoided by this stupid law:

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