Things people want to read about

Well, production is still moving fast and I keep thinking on how to make this blog interesting.

So I googled “What people like to read about?’ and opened the following page :

Here Mrs Hope Wilbanks list 7 things people like to read about:

“Making money. This is something that never grows old. People always want to learn the latest money-making trends. Making money online always seems to be a topic that people seek as well.”

Well, this will be a problem, because I have no idea how to make money. Maybe if people liked to read how to spend money I would be a good read.

“Saving money. As with money-making articles, people are always on the lookout for information that will help them save money. You could write several tips lists articles or even articles on frugality. People love these kinds of articles!”

Well, this is even less my area of expertise.

“Parenting issues. Parenting topics are always a rich source of readership, too. Parents are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves as a parent and connect with their children on deeper levels.”

Hmmmm… I can explain how to improve as a cat parent. I have a ragdoll cat, his name is Urquell (because he is Czech). Still I don´t think I could give advice as currently I am living in the cat´s house. He can do whatever he wants…

“Relationships. You could write tons of relationship-building articles. This is a broad niche, with topics ranging from marriage and dating to the single again and life after 50 articles.”

Well, I can write only about the married life as I haven´t a lot of experience. So another field I have no experience on 🙂

“Hobbies. Articles on hobbies are especially great because they are almost never outdated. With such a wide variety of hobbyist activities today, you would never run out of articles to write: golf, knitting, horseback riding, pets, painting, etc.”

Golf? Horseback riding? This is too high class! I cannot afford it! Pets? No no, for the reasons mentioned above! Knitting? No idea how to do it. Painting? I remember on the 4th grade having a massive fight with an art teacher that already notice how crappy were my painting skills hahaha.

Losing weight. The weight-loss niche has a huge readership. Let’s face it…we’re never happy with our bodies and are always looking for that next best diet that will help us lose a large amount of weight in a short time.

Again, for the people who know me, this is not my area of expertise. Well, I could write on how to maintain 100kg for 7 years eating and drinking basically anything. It consists on eating salad for at least one meal a day. Ok, come on, 1 million visits to this blog + the creation of the Bamps diet.

Saving time. Who doesn’t want to save time? You can write articles to show people how to save time every day, how to add more hours to their day, or how to implement time-saving events in their family life.

Save time = working at the EC … internal joke, sorry for not being clear.

So that´s it… I hope that I can find other topics about things people want to read.

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2 Responses to Things people want to read about

  1. mbamps says:

    Btw, Mrs Hope Banks has 146 published articles and have been read over 130 thousand times.

    Some of her work includes:
    Positive Ways to Handle Negative Thoughts
    Positive Affirmations For Women
    How Can I Become More Confident?
    Why Every Mom Needs Relief From Stress

    Well… everyone to their own talent isn´t it? 🙂

  2. D says:

    You could write an article with tips on how to remain +/- sane in certain work environments…

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