Twilight Sad

One of the main topics of this blog will be music. Before I get some critics, I will admit that I don´t really know how to write about music and I have no musical background. A friend of mine once gave me (in fact loaned) me an electric guitar and I did not really achieve anything with it. I guess I don´t have the music artist in me.

Though, I consider myself to have a good musical taste, even though I must admit that the pop world fascinates me. I have the utmost respect for Rihanna, Britney Spears, Kate Perry and others. But I guess that a blog talking about them will not be interesting at all because they are nothing more than disposable music that will stay with you for a couple of hours.

Sometimes I get myself thinking on which are my favourite bands. I must say that I do rank The Smiths above anything else. I remember that I first heard The Smiths around 1997 and I recall having a good happy feeling (even though they are not supposed to be that happy haha).

It has been a couple of years that I am hooked on Twilight Sad. Twilight Sad is a Scottish band from Kilsyth. I took the time to check this town on wikipedia, because it has a cool name! ( The Twilight Sad is a trio comprising James Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane (guitar), and Mark Devine (drums) (ctrl-c / ctrl-v directly from wikipedia – so nice to be lazy!)

As I told you before, I don´t know how to write about music, but I will try to describe them by mixing bands. This mix would be Joy Division meets My Bloody Valentine with some electronic drops. The vocals from Mr. James Graham are super cool because he has a mega strong Scottish accent. I think the best thing about Twilight Sad is their gigs. When playing live they are noisy, very noisy!

I will just link two Youtube videos now. One is my favourite song by the Twilight Sad and it´s called “And She Would Darken the Memory”. The second video is a live song of their last visit in Brussels where they played in the Botanique. The Botanique is a great place to watch concerts and someday I hope to write a post about it.



By the way, congratulations to for recording this video with such great quality!

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One Response to Twilight Sad

  1. Sandarito says:

    Gimmie back me guitar u slaaaag 😀 Well actually give it to my life partner Chris…thankyou

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