Why blogging?

I never had a blog before. If I remember well, back in Brazil, in the early 2000s it was almost an obligation to be part of the blogging community. I remember that my friends were using blogs as their personal public diary where they would record their daily activities and opinions. Back at that time I was about to start journalism school and I did consider having my own blog where I could record my life experiences. After all, as a journalist, I like to write.

At the same time I was heavily involved with my parents company. This started taking over my life more and more. Time was limited and I had to choose between socializing in real life, writing for the university and working. The blog idea was dead. Reflecting now, this was a good thing, because I was young, stupid and did not have anything to write about.

Fast forward 12 years. I have graduated from journalism school but never worked as a journalist. I ended up moving to Brussels, Belgium and working in IT. My new job doesn´t require me to write anything besides boring computer documents.

For the last years I have thought about writing texts again, after all I spent 4 years learning how to do that. Every single day I have this desire to put my thoughts on paper (or on data in this new stupid world). I also feel that now I have the maturity, knowledge and life experience to write things that are interesting and might influence positively (or negatively) my reader.

And that´s it – I decided to blog. At this point I don´t know if this will work out. I don´t know if this will just be another blog that will die after 3 posts. I don´t know if anyone other than my lovely girlfriend will follow it :). But at this point of my life, I just need to write.

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One Response to Why blogging?

  1. Felipe says:

    I will follow it as well…

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