Fat Boys Burger @ Brussels

This evening we went to have some food at Fat Boys. Fat Boys is a sports bar and it is known as one of the best burgers in Brussels. The owner is an American, fan of baseball and for many years had this successful place at Place Luxemburg right next to the European Parliament. Recently they opened a second restaurant near Schumann where the headquarters of the European Commission are located.

One of the cool things at Fat Boys is that they have some tables outside where you can enjoy the weather on nice days – such as today where the temperature in Brussels was over 20 degrees Celsius.

I went there with my girlfriend, another couple and their 9 month old baby. The price of beer is not as cheap as most places in Brussels, but still acceptable – a pint of beer is around 4 to 5 euro.

We ordered one chilli burger, one nachos plate and a portion of fried chicken. Our past experiences in Fat Boys were quite good, but unfortunately today it was not the case. The burger was not seasoned and very dull. The same applied to the fries that accompanied the sandwich – absolutely no salt and the meat itself was not good quality as I am used in Fat Boys. The nacho plates was completely different from the last time we were there and instead of high quality nachos we got something that tasted far from good. Finally the fried chicken was ok, but extremely spicy. Overall the food quality was not up to the price we paid considering that the 3 dishes were around 30 euro.

The worse was still to come. As the first dishes were not acceptable for a person in the group, we ordered a hot dog and a portion of fries. This portion of fries was only eatable as they were quite greasy and clearly re-fried. The hot dog was the cherry in the cake of a frustrating night out! It was clear that the bread was old and it had some mold – real green mold!

At that point we told the waitress that this was just not right. I must say that the service was great and it felt that she was really embarrassed of the molded bread. She offered a new plate, an exchange or a refund which we kindly accepted.

It is sad when you go to a place where I had the best burgers of Brussels in the past and you are faced with sub-par quality food. The whole meal was so depressing, so wrong, that I think that I will never go back there (it won´t make any difference as they are always crowded). I regret not speaking to the owner as he needs to be aware of such failures in order to avoid these problems in the future.  From now on, I will rather go either to Six Nations or Ellis Gourmet Burger where the burger quality is much better!

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One Response to Fat Boys Burger @ Brussels

  1. Fabio says:

    Actually, what you should do is take the first flight to Brazil, so we could have the king of all burguers: CARLITOS! After midnight and drunk. Best taste in the world. :*

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