Tomorrow Never Knows

People that know me are aware that I am not the biggest fan of the Beatles. Even though I respect their work, most of their songs do not touch me in any way. Obla-di-Obla da … urgh.

One of the exceptions is the spectacular Tomorrow Never Knows – This must probably be one of the songs most ahead of its time. According to Wikipedia:

Five tape loops are audible in finished version of the song. Isolating the loops reveals that they contained:

  • A “laughing” voice, played at double-speed (the “seagull” sound)
  • An orchestral chord of B flat major (from a Sibelius symphony) (0:19)
  • A fast electric guitar phrase in C major, reversed and played at double-speed (0:22)
  • Another guitar phrase with heavy tape echo, with a B flat chord provided either by guitar, organ or possibly a Mellotron Mk II (0:38)
  • A sitar-like descending scalar phrase played on an electric guitar, reversed and played at double-speed (0:56)

This song was recently used in the best series currently on TV – Mad Men. In the end of the episode the fantastic Don Draper would listen to the Beatles for the first time, and Tomorrow Never Knows was the song.

Look at the face of Mr. Draper drinking his whisky and listening to the song:

I read that this was the first time that a Beatles song was used on a TV Show. Even though the exact pricing was not published, there are rumours that it cost the producers of Mad Men around 250,000 US$.

Thanks to Youtube we can all listen this great track.


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