I work in IT !

A lot of people in my real life ask what I work on. Without getting in details I will usually answer that I work with Informatics. The cool thing about answering that is that most people will automatically associate Informatics with programming and complicated things which make me look quite smart.

In reality I work with software testing. In a very short summary testers will try to locate the problems in a software before it is released to the end user. I cannot complaint about my work as it is simple and doesn´t require a lot of efforts. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the task it can be quite boring most of the times. This doesn´t require any deep IT knowledge but after a few years doing it I can say I am a bit more intelligent.

In order to test a software you must read some documentation and try to understand the way that the application functions. From that point on you can start writing your test case. A test case is a very boring document where you basically will record:

1. Click on the Start button –> The Start button is displayed

2. Click on the RunSoft link –> Software starts

3. Enter user name and password –> User name and password are entered

4. Click on Ok –> Application starts

Once the document is completed it must cover a functionality completely.

I am also a big fan of exploratory testing. Some people say that this has no reason to exist, but I think it´s a good method to find errors that for some reason are not covered by test cases. In exploratory testing (which was described to me some days ago as fishing in the pond), I will try to click around doing both normal and stupid things in order to trigger an error.

If errors are found they must be logged in a incident tracking system and sent to be analysed and fixed if necessary.

One of the magical things about software testing is that there are days where you will have almost nothing to do. If the previous version of the software was released and the next one is under development the only thing you can do is review past results, improve the scripts or blog.

Unfortunately today is a release day, meaning that there is work to be done. I will try to post some cool articles during the day but can not promise a lot 🙂

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One Response to I work in IT !

  1. Random familymember says:

    You work in IT? Great! Then you can fix my computer!

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