Dyson ContraRotator

By the way, during the research for the washing machine post, I read about the Dyson ContraRotator. Definitively, Mr Dyson is one of the most incredible inventors of the 20th century. His design and mechanics are always so impressive. It is a pity that everything he touches becomes super expensive.

The biggest feature of the ContraRotator was the double drums. From what I read this meant that half of the machine spinned to one side and the second half to the other side. These drums had 5.000 small holes, which is much more than the usual 1.000 holes of the common machines. There was even a coin and button trap in case you forgot something in your trousers pockets – which is something that I usually do and the I have to spend 2 hours listening to a coin hitting the drum of the machine.

The ContraRotator failed. Probably because it used to cost between £1,000 and £2,000. I read that at the same time, the best washing machine in the United Kingdom, the Bosch Maxx, would cost around £480! Less than half of the price! Even thought it was a great machine, the price difference was not justifiable.

I still think it looks cool 🙂


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