SPA Water

When I first moved to Belgium 7 years ago, one of the first culture shocks was that I could drink water directly from the tap. In Brazil drinking water from the tap is a bit risky and should only be done, in most cities, after boiling it to clean of impurities.

The tap water in Brussels has an acceptable taste, at least for me. A lot of people complaint that it is too hard, meaning that it contains a high mineral content. I heard courses that this might cause urinary problems, but I believe this is an urban legend. Anyway, most of the water I drink is filtered in a Brita filter which removes the excess minerals and improves the taste. It also eliminates any worry I have of calcifying my urethra, which sounds to be very painful.

The big issue with hard water is that it reduces the lifespan of devices such as boilers, washing machines and coffee machines – anything where wates goes through it.

From time to time I buy a bottle of Spa water – a Belgian brand with sources on the region of Spa, in the south of the country. The fact that they have been bottling water since the 16th century probably means something good. Still today, Spa is a belgian brand that has not being bought by Coca Cola or Pepsico.

I consider the Spa water to be the best in the world, and I did try different brands in various continents. The savor is clean, but not plain. There is a very good acidic after taste that reminds you of molecular drops of lemon.

A quick look in the composition of the water shows that the pH of SPA water is 6.0, which makes it a bit acidic – and I think that is what makes the trick for me. If you verify the pH of waters like Evian or Fiji, you will notice that they are above 7.0. Everyday tap water is supposed to have the pH around 7.0.

Furthermore, according to their website, the water is one of the less mineralized waters in the world meaning that it does not surcharge the kidneys with excess of unnecessary substances.

I spoke to some colleagues and discovered that no one really cares about the taste of the water, expect for me.

Is there anyone else out there that thinks some waters are better than others?

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2 Responses to SPA Water

  1. Chris says:

    Yes i prefer Holy Water!

  2. I always drink tap water in Belgium, and it think it tastes hard everywhere 🙂 But seeing that it’s so much cheeper and just as healthy I won’t change my habit. (althoug I never heard of all the urban legdends around it, it makes me a bit frightend!). Out of the bottled waters I prefer Evian.

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