Stupid law of the week – Flushing the toilet after 10 PM in Switzerland

Ok, so I promised to bring stupid laws once a week. So, is it really a law that you can not flush the toilet after 10PM in Switzerland?

Well, after a quick research on the Internet it seems this is not an official law, but the Swiss have very strong codes of conducts. Most apartments will have internal regulations that will make it clear that you should not be doing noisy activities after 10PM or during the weekends. This doesn´t only mean flushing the toilet, but also cleaning your flat, practising the violin, jumping around… The point is that when everyone tries to keep the noise to the absolutely minimum, any sound will propagate more. My snoring probably would wake my neighbour – panic!

This approach is also common in Belgium, but fortunately – at least in Brussels – people seem to be less strict than in Switzerland.  I, myself, live next to a club that would probably drive a Swiss crazy because of the residual bass noise in weekends until 5 in the morning.

I am very tolerant towards noise. In Brazil I lived in a house also next to a bar, but there were absolutely no regulations. Someone would just park a car in the middle of the street and listen to music at very high volumes until late hours. By the way, as far as I know, this is still very common and annoying in Brazil.

I try myself to respect my neighbours and keep the volume down, except for the parties from time to time. I never had any complaint, so either the people in my building are very tolerant, the isolation is perfect or my speakers are not as loud as I think they are.

I hope that when I move to Munich next year I will still be lucky about the people living next to me. I read that people there are not as relaxed as they are in Brussels. I am a bit worried about my cat. He is a male non spayed cat and sometime he decides to shout for love in the middle of the night. His meows are quite loud and I am sure he would be deported from Switzerland. He also likes to use the toilet after 10 PM and kick the walls of the litter tray.

By the way, when researching about the 10 PM law I found this link : . According to this website, there is an initiative in Switzerland to allow animals to be defended in court of laws by government appointed lawyers in cases of abuse. Well, this seems to be a good thing. If my lovely cat is prosecuted for making too much noise at least he will have a fair trial.

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