The first week of the blog

Today is day 7 of this blog. 1st week birthday! uhu!

The last days were very interesting for me. It had been a long time I did not write anything (except for some hotel reviews on trip advisor).

The fact is that I am having a lot of fun! Lots of ideas are coming and words are flowing easily. I know that currently this blog is covering too many things, but I guess that with time a structure will be put in place and the reason for its existence will take a better shape.

In the meanwhile I will continue writing about different things. I know some posts will be good, some will be ridiculous, some will be interesting and some will be useless. Among other things I hope in the future to have more “journalistic” content. But that is just a plan as it requires time.

I will be travelling tomorrow, but I will try to keep posting about my super journey to Mont Saint Michel in France.

Thank you for everyone that visited this week. I hope it was good for you as it was for me hehe 🙂 See you later!

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