When hard disks die

Oh well, so after a few days out I decide to clean my place. Instead of scratching my balls and watching a film, I take the stupid decision of making my place again humanly habitable. As soon as I move my chair a hard disk takes off with express destination to the floor. The power supply of the device was tangled to the wheel of the chair. The worse is that I had seen the problem ten minutes before, but I was lazy to take any action. I could have saved my hard disk, but did not do it.

Losing hard disks is always a pain in the heart. I remember about 15 years ago connecting an internal hard disk to the computer power source. Instead of attaching the correct side of the power supply I managed to invert the cable … quickly a nice 120 GB hard disk was dead. Back then acquiring data was much more complicated. There was no broadband where I lived and having back ups was more expensive. The hard disk itself was expensive. I remember being massively pissed off.

Today my 1 TB stopped working the minute of the impact. Strange sounds, tic tic tic tic piiii tic tic tic piii grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That was it, all the data on it was gone. It was time to shout at myself for the stupidity of being lazy.

I am still very irritated about losing my data, but the pain is smaller when at least you have back-up of something. Fortunately now a days both the price of storage is much more accessible and getting the data again is simpler and faster.

It also makes me reflect that most of the files I had on the hard disk where never going to be used again. The only reason of keeping such files was a stupid feeling of collection. Music I was never going to hear again, films that I was never going to watch for a second time and photos that probably I only saw it once.

But who knows? Maybe the hard disk would die naturally anytime soon. Maybe it was going to explode and burn myself to death. As I said on another post, things happen for a reason and destroying this hard disk was just the way it had to be. Time to keep calm and carry on.

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One Response to When hard disks die

  1. Time for yet another hard disk.

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