Nossa, nossa … No!

Definitively, I am fed up of listening to this crap music of Michel Teló playing everywhere around me. I hate the song, I hate the tune, I hate the lyrics. The guy is a cheesy one hit wonder that was given the opportunity to sing this bubblegum tune.

It is amazing how his back office managed to market him and transform the guy in a worldwide figure. He has no talent, no writing skills, a crappy voice and is not particularly beautiful, but still managed to succeed – this can only be achieved with good people in his management.

The song itself “Ai se eu te pego” exists since 2010. It was first a local hit in Bahia by one band and then in Céara by a different musical group. The legend says that Teló´s brother heard the song and saw there was a strong potential. For some reason football players started celebrating goals dancing the tune. I think it was at this moment that people got curious and started to discover the song.

Even though the rhythm is classified in Brazil as “sertanejo” (brazilian country music), the real base of “Ai se eu te pego” song is “forró”. Forró is a genre of music that originated in the Northeast of Brazil and is associated with life in the interior of the region and its difficulties. The biggest name of the style of all time is Luiz Gonzaga:

Luiz Gonzaga used to sing about the suffering of the northeastern people. The famine they had to face during the long draughts, the pain of losing people to diseases and the dreams of a better life. This is his biggest hit ever that talks about such life:

In the early 90´s, forró modernized by introducing guitars and electronic devices. The songs stopped talking about suffering, draught and famine to start “discussing” important subjects like love, money and sex. An example of this “new forró” in the 90´s is Mastruz com Leite:

Music kept changing (I was going to say evolving, but I don´t think it´s the case). I had to check in Youtube what was happening in 2011 by filtering by number of views. This is an example of the genre today by Aviões do Forró:

There is not a lot left from the original Forró. A genre of music that was created to talk about social problems was destroyed in stupid crap like “Ai se eu te pego” – a song that is about nothing.

This is not a Brazilian phenomena, but in fact a global one. Music cannot be difficult anymore. In order to be successful you have to follow the rules and procedures of labels – business people who have the recipe to make a song explode with a good marketing campaign. Music is no longer used as social element but as disposable entertainment. That is part of the big con of forcing people to stop thinking and being part of the global herd.

Well, if I listen to “nossa, nossa” one more time I will pierce my ears.

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One Response to Nossa, nossa … No!

  1. Felipe Lodi says:

    Well, I am a lucky one who has never listened that song. I will keep like this. In the end Brazilian Music can NOT be represented by this!

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