The day MediaMarkt was blacklisted for me

I am a proud person and keep resentments. I know this is mostly wrong but that´s just who I am.When someone says something I don´t like I will remember. When I go to a place that the service has been unpleasant, I will not return.

Today I went to buy a new hard disk. Most of the times I need to buy some electronic device in Brussels I will go directly to MediaMarkt. I find their service acceptable and the prices are unbeatable in physical stores. Besides a new hard disk, I also needed a new vacuum cleaner.

After deliberating and reflecting, I chose a Bosch vacuum cleaner and a Seagate 2TB hard disk. The vacuum cleaner accompanied a “free” 30 euro brush. I asked the salesperson if that was the brush and he said that it was. I went to the counter to pay for my items and was told that I needed to go back to the large appliances area to get an invoice that would include both the vacuum cleaner and the brush. I got mildly irritated because I was not told that by the sales person. Ok.

So, I walked back, got the invoice and came back to the counter that had a small line. Paid for the hard disk and the vacuum and walked out of the store. For some reason the alarm sounded. I got irritated.

Security guard comes my way and tells me to drop my items on the floor. Instead of trying to check if the items were triggering the alarm, the first thing he says is for me to pass through the security barrier again. So, in his head, he thought that I had something in me. I got extremely irritated.

I know that I should have kept calm, but at that point I started shouting at him saying that I will not return to the store ever again and that the procedure is ridiculous. I do understand that this does not mean anything to him (after all I worked with customer care). He laughs. I get even more irritated but there is nothing more to do besides shouting a bit more and leaving.

Even worse is that when leaving this MediaMarkt store, you have to go through a gallery. The security guard failed to check if the items where alarming, so when going out of the gallery, the alarm sounded again. At least this time the security guard was a bit more intelligent and quickly acknowledged that one of the items was responsible. He identified the item and that was it. No stupid idea that I was stealing something.

Well, I wrote a complaint letter to MediaMarkt. Probably there will be no answer. Maybe a standard template answer “We are sorry, please come back again”. In fact, the only thing I wanted was to have someone verifying this procedure of first checking the customer and then the items. I know it is silly, but when you are a law-abiding citizen, the principle of having a mall cop accusing you of stealing is not cool at all.

Now, back to the first paragraph of the post. I have decided never to return to MediaMarkt. I am a consumer that does not tolerate this kind of experience. Over the last 5 years I probably spent more than 5 thousand euro on the store, but now it is over.  It is a pity. I liked to go there, walk around and see the new gadgets.

Most people take these decisions of not going back somewhere or not using a service in the heat of the moment and then do not follow it. This is not my case. My blacklisted companies include, among others, Air France, JetAirFly, one Mango shop, Samsung (phones) and the Japanese restaurant near my work. I will not user their services or buy the brand – for real – EVER.

Is it good for me? No… I know I should not keep resentment. Thinking well I should have not lost my temper in the MediaMarkt case, but I just can´t do it.

I will see it as a lesson and try to improve myself in the future not to waste my feelings in such small occasions. But I will still never return to MediaMarkt.

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One Response to The day MediaMarkt was blacklisted for me

  1. Christa says:

    hmm, douchebaggery seems to be a corporate standard at MediaMarkt.
    I’ve had two, unpleasant experiences at MediaMarkt in Germany. fool me twice, right? now I believe in blacklisting (given the right occasion, ofc).

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