The work limbo

Mad Men is the second best series ever (Sopranos will never be beaten). The story takes place in an ad agency in the 1960´s. It is sexist, politically incorrect and cruel. I love it.

Spoilers coming up!

Last episode Peggy Olsen gave notice. In case you are not familiar with the series, she started as a secretary and after some years working in that position, her boss, Don Draper, gave her the opportunity to work as a copy writer.

In the last episodes Peggy was having more and more responsibility. She was the main point of contact for a lot of the company business and played a key role in the creation of new campaigns. As a result she received sexist remarks from colleagues, lack of recognition from the bosses and unfair monetary compensation. She decided it was time to leave.

Sometimes you find yourself in the limbo. There are no perspectives. The more you do, the less it seems to count. You like your job, you like your colleagues, but there is no purpose of what you are doing. Soon you start hating your day and instead of getting pleasure from work, you grow anger. The auto-pilot is turned on and the extra-mile becomes the absolute minimum. The relationship with your bosses start to deteriorate and mutual respect is lost.

Leaving a job you are not happy usually feels great. There is a taste in your mouth of success, even though you are really far away from succeed. You imagine that now someone else will admire your work. New challenges are now worthwhile and everything will be different, but in fact there is a gigantic chance it will be just like before. This fictious feeling of satisfaction will last until the vicious frustration cycle starts again.

Why does that happen? Maybe you are in the wrong career or maybe you are just working in bad places. There is also a possibility that the problem is not your work, but yourself. Anyway, it is of major importance to keep aiming to put a full stop in the cycle and go on with life.

Peggy found a new job where, theoretically, she will be better paid and be respected. As this is television, probably she will hate the new place and come back running after some episodes. But at least we are all trying…

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