The food review – The Gun @ Canary Wharf

Aha, I need to tell you all about the day I ate Calves Brain!

Some months ago I spent a couple of days in London with my friend Daniel Edmundson. Daniel is a very cool graphic designer and has a studio back in Brazil called Mooz  (

During our visit in London, I had the opportunity to meet another good friend of mine Declan. After a couple of drinks around the sterile and soulless Canary Wharf area, he decided to take us to The Gun.

The Gun is located at the margin of the Thames River in a house that is over 250 years old. The pub has a very vast historic background. Throughout the years, the place was usually frequented by people who worked in the docks in the area. It was also one of the main meeting places for the affair between Lord Nelson – an important name in the British Royal Navy – and his mistress Lady Hamilton. In the internet, there are some controversial stories about other sexual preferences of Lord Nelson, but of course this will never be proven.

The boom of the Canary Wharf district changed the usual people who frequented The Gun. Out with the sailors and dockers, in with the investment bankers and IT geeks that are now abundant in the region.

The pub has a very nice outside area with a gorgeous views to the Thames River and the 02 Arena. Besides serving nice English ales and lagers, they also have an extensive food menu. Even though our plans were not to have dinner there, my good friend Declan offered a banquet. Who am I to refuse free food? (Thanks mate!)

We order a number of dishes to share among ourselves – a very taste black pudding, a delicious steak sandwich with caramelised onions, an interesting beef shing burger and the previously mentioned here calves brains.

I never had eaten brains before. When we ordered, our expectations were low and it was more of a curiosity. I must admit that I was afraid and doubted my courage of tasting such delicacy. After a few minutes, our order arrived, and here were the brains:

As you can see, the brain pieces are fried. I think that was the key thing to triggered me to have courage of tasting it. Well, the taste is good. It is creamy like a cheese, but without cheese taste. Most of the taste comes from the delicious garlic sauce. I would probably not eat it again, but it is far from disgusting. The price of the food at The Gun is very reasonable considering the area and the lovely views. I would recommend a visit if you get yourself stuck in Canary Wharf.

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