In the end it could be worse

Some posts ago I expressed all my anger with Michel Teló and his one hit wonder “Ai se eu te pego” in

Friday I was walking back home and felt tired of the songs in my MP3 player, so I decided to hear some FM radio. I am a bit schizophrenic when listening to radio or watching TV – I like to zap zap zap. During my 30 minute walk, the radios of Brussels played for 4 times the tune that seems to be the new brazilian hit in Europe: Gusttavo Lima – Balada. Here is the song:

Well, I don´t have a lot to say besides that I also don´t like this one.

Last week I was discussing with some international colleagues about brazilian music and they all said how much they liked “Ai se eu te pego”. I quickly expressed how much I hated the song. Among this international group, there were some Brazilians that reminded me that it could be worse, much worse.

And indeed, this is a possibility. Michel Teló and Gusttavo Lima are horrible, but they are still light years ahead of other big hits in Brazil in the last years.

Four years ago we were provided with the amazing “Dança do Créu”:

I don´t have words to describe how horrible this is, but it was for real a big hit in the radios and tv shows. By the way,  “Créu” is a slang for sexual intercourse.

One of the most played songs in Brazil last year was “Minha Mulher Não Deixa Não”:

This can easily be given an award for the most ridiculous dance moves ever done in a video clip. More than 3 million people saw this video, not that it means anything as this other masterpiece also had this amount of views:

Ok, this one was only a YouTube hit, mostly because it was bizarre and completely wrong. Brazilians have a doubtful musical taste, but we know how to understand when something is really bad.

The lesson here is that I should not complaint – it could easily be this kind of higher crap music playing all over Europe.

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