One year later

It is almost one year that I wrote the first post in my blog. Like most blogs it died out. When I started blogging I was going through a very quiet phase at work. Lots of free time, which meant I could do a lot of writing.

I like to write. Even though I am working in the IT field, my university degree was in Journalism. Unfortunately life takes you to different places and as you grow older the need to survive is bigger than the need to write.

A lot of things happened in one year. I have left Brussels and moved to Munich, Germany. Munich is a nice town, very clean, organized and green – basically the antithesis of Brussels. Even though it has everything to be the perfect city to live, it is definitively worse than the lovely Brussels.

It is a mix of everything you see and experience, the German culture, the close mind of Bavarians, the extreme friendliness followed by the opposite extreme coldness, the artificiality of people from Munich, the lack of free creative thinking, and it goes on – when adding everything up it is just weird and uncomfortable. I will try to share more of my life in Germany in future posts.

Even though there will not be as many posts as before, I will try to update this blog more from time to time.

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