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The food review – The Gun @ Canary Wharf

Aha, I need to tell you all about the day I ate Calves Brain! Some months ago I spent a couple of days in London with my friend Daniel Edmundson. Daniel is a very cool graphic designer and has a … Continue reading

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The work limbo

Mad Men is the second best series ever (Sopranos will never be beaten). The story takes place in an ad agency in the 1960´s. It is sexist, politically incorrect and cruel. I love it. Spoilers coming up! Last episode Peggy … Continue reading

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The holidays of May

May is a great month. There were so many holidays! 🙂 As Belgium is a catholic country, all the holy days are respected. Adding to that, I work in a public institution, meaning that bridges are common. Counting with a … Continue reading

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The world did not end

Good, the world did not end on the 27th of May. Meaning I have to carry on doing my stupid work for many more years to come 😛

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The importance of avoiding rue des Bouchers

A lot of people will say Brussels is a extremely boring place where there isn’t a lot to do. A good number of those complainers, though, will agree that it is a place where you can eat well. I agree … Continue reading

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The day MediaMarkt was blacklisted for me

I am a proud person and keep resentments. I know this is mostly wrong but that´s just who I am.When someone says something I don´t like I will remember. When I go to a place that the service has been … Continue reading

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Nossa, nossa … No!

Definitively, I am fed up of listening to this crap music of Michel Teló playing everywhere around me. I hate the song, I hate the tune, I hate the lyrics. The guy is a cheesy one hit wonder that was … Continue reading

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