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The dottore

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I worked in a pan European call center responsible to provide support to a Japanese laptop maker. Those were the days. People working in call centers are usually not very normal. … Continue reading

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In the end it could be worse

Some posts ago I expressed all my anger with Michel Teló and his one hit wonder “Ai se eu te pego” in Friday I was walking back home and felt tired of the songs in my MP3 player, so … Continue reading

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Nossa, nossa … No!

Definitively, I am fed up of listening to this crap music of Michel Teló playing everywhere around me. I hate the song, I hate the tune, I hate the lyrics. The guy is a cheesy one hit wonder that was … Continue reading

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Most languages in the world have the peculiarity of having a specific word that can not be translated in any other languages. The internet is full of articles of these words in different languages. Most of these texts will include … Continue reading

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The hottest day of my life

I mentioned before that I am from the northeast of Brazil. For 25 years I lived in a city called Recife before moving to Brussels. As you can see in the map, Recife is a coastal city close to the … Continue reading

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Food you cannot find in Belgium – Bolo de Rolo

In Belgium there is a fairly big Brazilian community. There is an estimate that around 25,000 Brazilians live in the country. A big community has good points such as the accessibility to brazilian products. It is quite easy to find … Continue reading

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The painful act of tipping

I said before I work in the IT field as a software tester. I have been doing that for a few years now. Currently I am not working only for one project – in fact I support more than 10 … Continue reading

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