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The 1000th visit!

Well, this is a small post just to celebrate the landmark of the 1000th visit. I am very happy with the number of visitors! In the end, this blog is basically just for my own fun and pleasure of writing. … Continue reading

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The work limbo

Mad Men is the second best series ever (Sopranos will never be beaten). The story takes place in an ad agency in the 1960´s. It is sexist, politically incorrect and cruel. I love it. Spoilers coming up! Last episode Peggy … Continue reading

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When hard disks die

Oh well, so after a few days out I decide to clean my place. Instead of scratching my balls and watching a film, I take the stupid decision of making my place again humanly habitable. As soon as I move … Continue reading

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The first week of the blog

Today is day 7 of this blog. 1st week birthday! uhu! The last days were very interesting for me. It had been a long time I did not write anything (except for some hotel reviews on trip advisor). The fact … Continue reading

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The Washing Machine

I am a big fan of gadgets. I like to have the latest LCD TV, the most advanced phone and the best gaming console. But there is nothing more important in the life of a person than a washing machine. … Continue reading

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I work in IT !

A lot of people in my real life ask what I work on. Without getting in details I will usually answer that I work with Informatics. The cool thing about answering that is that most people will automatically associate Informatics … Continue reading

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Things people want to read about

Well, production is still moving fast and I keep thinking on how to make this blog interesting. So I googled “What people like to read about?’ and opened the following page : Here Mrs Hope Wilbanks list 7 things … Continue reading

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