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The Atomium

Last night I had dinner with a good friend of mine, Declan, and his family. They live in England and came to Brussels for a day-trip. He has a 6-year-old kid and I wanted to find a gift for him. … Continue reading

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The importance of avoiding rue des Bouchers

A lot of people will say Brussels is a extremely boring place where there isn’t a lot to do. A good number of those complainers, though, will agree that it is a place where you can eat well. I agree … Continue reading

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Life in Brussels 1000 and why you should stay away if you are a foreigner

I always wanted to rant about the commune of Brussels 1000. When you decide to reside in any location in Belgium you are obliged to visit the local commune – a kind of citizens bureau that deals with the day-to-day … Continue reading

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Stupid law of the week – Flushing the toilet after 10 PM in Switzerland

Ok, so I promised to bring stupid laws once a week. So, is it really a law that you can not flush the toilet after 10PM in Switzerland? Well, after a quick research on the Internet it seems this is … Continue reading

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Grey everywhere

I live in a big city – Brussels. Ok, it is not that big, but it is reasonably large. When we leave in cities we must accept that things will be grey. The pavement is grey, the buildings are grey … Continue reading

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Casino Viage @ Brussels

Tonight I went to the casino. Brussels has only one Casino and it´s called “Viage”. Before Viage, the same group operated the Grand Casino of Brussels. I remember the Grand Casino of Brussels as a dark smokey place. It had … Continue reading

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Fat Boys Burger @ Brussels

This evening we went to have some food at Fat Boys. Fat Boys is a sports bar and it is known as one of the best burgers in Brussels. The owner is an American, fan of baseball and for many … Continue reading

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